The Company

We are a firm that Manufactures Trades and Imports Glass seed beads and sequins and have been associated with this industry for the past five generations of our family. We started off as Traders and over the years have undergone the process of vertical integration; first diving into processing of glass seed beads in the late 1980s followed by full scale manufacturing in the late 1990s.These glass seed beads are primarily used as fashion accessories in Garments, Footwear and Imitation Jewelry.

Catering to our idea of having a 'One Stop Shop' for all glass seed beads in India, we import glass beads of superior quality from the Czech Republic (Preciosa) and Japan (Miyuki). We have two showrooms, one each in Mumbai (Shyamlal Radhakrishna & Co.) and Delhi (Bombay Beads Centre).

Mission Statement

One Stop Shop for all glass beads” - To be able to house a plethora of options of glass beads (different shapes, sizes, colours and qualities) under one roof to cater to our clients with varying needs.